Evidence Managment

Physical Evidence Managment


Forward Claims Services is an excellent choice when the retrieval, transporting and storage of physical evidence is desired. Too often physical evidence is lost, inadvertently altered, or the chain of custody broken or clouded due to inattentive handling and improper storage.

  • Our years of experience in insurance claims administration and litigation management has keenly sharpened our awareness of the importance of a proper and well documented chain of custody as it relates to physical evidence management.

  • Unless instructed otherwise, all evidence is photographed upon our first observation. Upon securing properly executed written documentation of the transfer from the prior custodian, we then carefully transport the evidence to your desired destination, or to our secure storage areas at the offices of Forward Claims Services, which are centrally located in Houston, Texas.

  • From pick up to long-term storage Forward Claims Services is your single reliable and knowledgeable source, which will safely secure and protect the physical evidence. We offer climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage space as well as alarm-monitored space. In addition, we offer both indoor and outdoor space adequate for most expert inspection and some testing. We also provide a full size legal style conference room where meetings and depositions can be scheduled.
Our experience, our facilities and our competitive pricing culminate into a high quality package we hope you will consider when physical evidence management and storage becomes an issue in your next case.

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