Recovery Services



Forward Claims Services is highly experienced and qualified in the field of recovery, particularly with our forte of property and casualty subrogation. We pride ourselves on the high recovery percentages we consistently achieve. We attribute this success to our proven strong results in accomplishing our three primary objectives;

  • Recognition & Identification - At FCS we practice a continuous open-minded and creative liability assessment process, in order to recognize all the potential tort feasors from which we will ultimately identify those parties that are legally or contractually liable. Our vast experience in liability claims administration and litigation management affords us a distinct advantage in being able to accomplish this objective.

  • Asset Location - At FCS we employ an investigative detection process focused upon locating not only the culpable parties, but also of paramount importance, locating the insurance policy or other attachable assets from which recovery can potentially be made. FCS has the distinct advantage of also being a licensed private investigative company, which thereby broadens the range and depth of our in house investigative capabilities in this regard.

  • Tenacious Pursuit - At FCS we utilize a wide range of techniques and forums to achieve maximum recovery for our clients. Where necessary, we use aggressive and creative methods of pursuit and recovery options, all of which are ethical and within the bounds of the law i.e., skip tracing, promissory note execution and payment plans, various binding and non-binding arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution forums, driver’s license revocation, etc.

Our Expertise

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Maritime / Jones Act

  • Logistics

  • Manufactoring

  • Municipal