Private Investigations



Forward claims services is fully licensed and insured and provides surveillance nation-wide in personal injury defense. FCS uses the latest technology while equipping our investigators in the field with covert surveillance video cameras as well as long range and night vision scopes.

In most cases, an investigator or an investigative team can be deployed in any area of the country in a moment’s notice.

Only licensed and highly experienced investigators are employed to ensure that each assignment is handled in a discreet, timely and effective manner.
  • High-tech covert camera systems
  • Long range and night vison scopes
  • Surveillance vehicles equipped with GPS monitoring and dash cameras
  • Licensed and highly experienced investigators
  • High definition surveillance video and photographs available for electronic download

Background Investigations


Forward Claims Services conducts extensive criminal and civil research on a federal, state and municipal level. With remote access to most courts in the United Sates, our investigations can be conducted in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Unlike many investigative agencies which use third party databases almost exclusively as their primary tool, at FCS we use these databases as our starting point. Our final product consists of information gathered directly from the source.

No matter what information is desired, if it is public record, our investigators have the knowledge and experience to get what you want.
  • Civil and criminal backgrounds
  • Motor vehicle records / accident reports / driving records
  • Locating of assets
  • Records retrieval
  • Business entities and associations
  • Vital statistics
  • Driver’s license
  • Utilities
  • Professional licenses
  • Evictions
  • Possible relatives and associates

Witness Locates


Our investigators have powerful tools available to locate missing individuals. We have access to databases to which the public does not. In addition to access to this restricted information, our investigators have access to the one thing most necessary to locate someone: Experience.

We involve a variety of techniques including interviews, pretexting, courthouse searches, internet social networking searches, license plate recognition/sightings and many others. We will be glad to discuss strategies in further detail prior to beginning an investigation.

Forward Claims Services is most proud of its very high success rate in the locating of the very difficult witness. There are those individuals who naturally have little evidence of their existence, i.e. small families, limited credit headers, no social internet presence and, of course, there are those who are purposely hiding out. Give us your toughest cases and let us impress.
  • Covert locating of individuals
  • Overt locating of individuals
  • Current residence and contact information
  • Current employer
  • Digital contact information

Social Media Investigations


Forward Claims Services uses proprietary software to identify and monitor social media profiles. Prior to any social media investigation, telephone numbers, emails and usernames are developed in preliminary research and searched simultaneously through over forty networking sites.

Social media profiles of close relatives and friends are also identified and monitored for any activity involving the subject.

Our investigation also involves image recognition technology to located hard to find profiles or profiles of individuals not using their real name.
  • Proprietary search software
  • Image recognition technology
  • Relentless pursuit

Our Expertise

  • Workers' Compensation

  • Maritime / Jones Act

  • Logistics

  • Manufactoring

  • Municipal